Head of School Welcomes

Educational leadership has critical role in the transformation of society. Vidyarambh School is a state of the art, technologically advanced ,co-educational day school that undertakes a significant  difference to the outcome of the students.The school has a broad interest in the field of quality education and excellence committed to enabling academic development of young minds. The school empowers the students to raise their academic and personal potential in a dynamic environment that values analysis, dedication and observation. In Vidyarambh School we respect every ones individuality, teach with sincerity and here student learn together to become good citizen. Students flourish in an environment that provides a base for healthy development and encourages success.

The high standards of facilities available  make learning an experience in the Vidyarambh School. The standards sports program include regular access to the badminton court and other extensive sports facilities with large play ground. The friendly atmosphere in the school is achieved by understanding the importance of establishing a meaningful partnership between the students, teachers the parents.

Vidyarambh school is governed by Swa. Radhakisanji Zanwar memorial society. The group owes is success to the dedicated management team developed by our founder chairman Shri Sachidanandji Zanwar , and now ably  supported by the current chairman Shri Sunil Schidanandji Zanwar.